• Speedometer Conversions

    We specialize in speedometer conversions from kilometers KMH to US MPG. We can create any faceplate for any vehicle make or model in hours. Read More about “Speedometer Conversions”

  • Custom Speedometer Gauges

    We create custom speedometer gauges in hours – without an expensive cluster swap. We manufacture onsite for any make or model – No waiting for backorders. Read More about “Custom Speedometer Gauges”

  • Automotive Repair & Detailing

    We repair and detail all vehicles to ensure they are in top condition to command the optimum price for resale. Read More about “Automotive Repair & Detailing”

    Welcome to Speedo Metrix!

    Specialists in Speedometer Conversion & Custom Gauge Faces

    Speedo-Metrix helps automotive dealers prepare imported vehicles from Canada for sale in the U.S. We manufacture speedometer faceplates in hours, then program them to the exact US vehicle specifications. Then, our mechanics make the necessary repairs and/or modifications to bring the vehicle to U.S. standards. Our paint and detail department polishes the vehicle so its ready for sale at the top price.

    Bottom line: We provide the services that help dealers generate more profits by focusing on selling cars, rather than handling repairs & conversions.

    The Speedo Metrix Difference

    Vehicle Importing

    We Handle All the Details
    • Paperwork
    • Customs

    Speedometer Conversion

    Faceplates in Hours - No Backorders
    • For any Make and Model
    • Onsite Lab Assembly
    • Expert programming staff

    Conversion & Repair

    To U.S. Standards
    • Onsite Repair Shop
    • Experienced Mechanics
    • Ensuring Standards Comliance

    Detailing & Prep

    Polished to Command Top Dollar
    • Onsite Paint Shop
    • Experienced Detailers
    • Full Prep for Auction

    Contact Us

    205 S. Dort Hwy
    Flint, MI 48503

    (313) 329-4827